Donald Trump holds farmers' roundtable in suburban Boynton Beach

Posted at 11:46 AM, Oct 24, 2016

Donald Trump has public campaign appearances in St. Augustine Monday afternoon and Tampa Monday night, but part of his morning was spent in Palm Beach County.

Trump is suggesting that too much government oversight has hurt America's farmers.

Trump declared that the Environmental Protection Agency "has been a disaster" and "regulations have been a total catastrophe." He was addressing dozens of farmers gathered for a roundtable on agricultural issues in Boynton Beach on Monday.

Trump also criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement, saying that with "NAFTA we get nothing except the drugs."

Trump said of Mexico: "We get the drugs, they get the cash."

Trump has frequently pledged to roll back government regulations overseeing industries like agriculture and energy production.

Trump insisted that his campaign is ahead, even though most polls show him trailing Hillary Clinton.

He told the crowd gathered next to a pumpkin: "I believe we're winning."

He then, without evidence, blamed that several "mainstream" media polls for weighing their respondents with Democrats.

He also told reporters that he felt "very good" about his chances in Florida, a state that is essential for his White House hopes.

Reporter Chris Snyder said Trump also had a message to Floridians. “If we win Florida, we win the election.”