Boynton Beach residents say commissioners aren't listening to complaints about proposed development

Posted at 7:59 PM, Jan 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-17 20:04:31-05

Dozens of Boynton Beach residents protested the potential development of a high rise apartment development outside of their city hall Tuesday night. 

Members of the group said they've been fighting against the proposed project for more than a year. 

Isram Realty is proposing putting in a 105-foot-tall apartment complex where a Win-Dixie used to be at the intersection of Woolbright Road and Federal Highway, along the Intracoastal in Boynton Beach. Nearby resident argue it would be out of place in Boynton Beach, usually a quiet, coastal town with no other high rises.

"This thing is a monster," said long-time Boynton Beach resident Harry Woodworth, "And it's going to sit right where you can't see another building in any direction that's remotely that height or density. It just doesn't pass the common sense test." 

Some are also worried restaurants in the current plaza would be pushed to shut down or relocate.

Woodworth says he and a few hundred others have complained in opposition of the development, but that city commissioners didn't seem to listen.

"We elect these people, we trust them to represent us, and in despite an overwhelming voicing of the people, it's like they don't hear a thing," Woodworth said.   

"The local citizens, the presidents of the HOAs, the presidents of the community associations all are not in favor of this, and it just seems as though the city is not listening to its residents," said Linda Morton, who lives and works near the site of the proposed development.

Requests for city comment ahead of Tuesday night's commission meeting were not granted.