Boynton Beach Police Department chief says crime rates actually down

Posted at 11:48 PM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-20 23:55:41-05

During a community meeting Monday night, Boynton Beach Police Department Chief Jeffrey Katz addressed some of the concerns from residents over recent shootings in the area. 

“We are resolute in our efforts to address it,” Katz said about the shootings. “Quite frankly we are disgusted by (the shootings).”


But the chief also wanted to highlight that crime numbers have actually gone down.


“In terms of our crime rates we’ve actually seen a reduction in terms of violent crimes,” Katz said. “It’s something that we work hard to address. But the characterization that there is some sort of crime wave is inaccurate.”


While Katz said there is a drop in homicides and other violent crimes, there is an increase in robberies in the area and he said sober homes are playing a big part in that.


“Not all sober homes are bad, but the bad ones are bad,” Katz said. “Unfortunately a lot of these people are being exploited and when their insurance stops paying, they result to property crimes.”


Katz said the best way to fight crime in the city is by addressing the sober home crisis. 


He also asked witnesses to come forward with information on any crimes by calling the non-emergency dispatch number at 561-732-8116.