Boynton students highlight teen homelessness

Posted at 6:48 PM, Apr 25, 2016

A group of high school students wants you to know its struggles. They’re all homeless, displaced, or were homeless at one point. 

The group from Boynton Beach Community High School participated in a photography project aimed at raising awareness about teen homelessness.

They say it will help put a face to the issue. Today those faces shared their stories.

One senior says her adopted family abandoned her in Haiti. When she returned to the United States, she was forced to run away from the family who took her in because they treated her poorly.

Another student explained how it’s hard to focus on school work when she’s concerned about where she’ll get her next meal, or find light to do homework. 

A freshman said she was forced to move and live with relatives when her mother lost her job. Now, they’re bouncing back.

She hopes this project leads to action to help the teenagers who struggle in ways most people don’t understand.

“They smile and they seem happy, and maybe they are happy, but for all you know they may not have a home, they may not have a place to call home, or they might not have parents to go to when they need something,” explained Kaitlyn Huff.

One student took pictures of homeless students and other students who advocate for their homeless classmates.

Those pictures will be displayed at City Hall beginning May 2.

This is part of the worldwide initiative called the “Inside Out Project.” The movement uses portraits to make statements, or call attention to issues. Organizers said the project gives people a global platform to share their message and lead to change.