After heavy rainstorms, lowered canal levels causing concern for residents

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Just how low will her canal go?
Jacqueline Bietau really wants to know.
“Every time that they lower the canal, I have to go in and clean it out, " she said.
In the immediate aftermath of the drenching we received last week, she and other neighbors say their canals were at decent levels. 

“We had water flowing, it cleared everything out, it was spotless,” says resident Ted Green.  
It's a a far cry, he says, from the lower levels now. 
“[It] was dropped after the storm, after the the chance of additional rain,” he says.  
Neighbors say the low levels have left behind a mess, as docks and shorelines have been reduced to dried out patches of mud. 
Then there's the trash. 
“It’s just junk that just keeps coming down the canal." 

The Lake Worth Drainage District told NewsChannel 50 they and the South Florida Water Management District are lowering their canals to help pull water out the system and out of the flooded areas.
However, residents say not only is it an eyesore, it's could also be a problem if a hurricane hits. 
“This canal feeds back out underneath a bridge,” Green says. “It's not going to take much to cover and block that water flow from here. Then we'll have a rising issue.”
These neighbors are now doing everything in their power to stop the issue from getting worse. 
“We want to make sure they're safe…they're clean...and as a community we'll do everything we possibly can to help with that,” Green says.

There’s no time table on when those canal levels will return back to normal. 

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