Wife of tow truck operator who fell off I-95: 'He was the best at what he did.'

Posted at 11:56 AM, Apr 13, 2017

Richard Randolph, 69, was a long-time veteran in the tow-trucking business.

His wife Judy, says he was close to retirement. 

The news of his death is hard to take in.

"I don't like it. He's so good," says Randolph.


All she can think about is his smile and his caring for others. Also how this could have happened. "He did everything by the book."

Randolph is a tow truck operator for Emerald Towing in Pompano Beach. He was at the scene of a semi-truck accident on Congress Ave. and I-95 Wednesday.

He fell off the overpass trying to secure the truck.

Gene Craig with Kauff's Transportation Systems says the job is a dangerous one. He doesn't believe Randolph would rush or do anything careless.

"Most of the guys in the business, especially the bigger trucks, have been in the business for quite some time," says Craig.

Judy knows her husband was top-notch at his job and everyone else in the tow-truck driving community knows it as well. "He was the best at what he did and he loved his job and loved the people he worked for. They're a wonderful family."