'We are one Pulse': FAU students host vigil for Orlando victims

Release balloons for each victim
Posted at 11:22 PM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 04:21:43-04

As a woman sang Let There be Peace on Earth students and faculty at Florida Atlantic University joined in a moment of silence to remember the people killed at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

At a vigil Thursday afternoon, students also wrote messages on posters and paper sacks. The theme of the vigil was “We are one Pulse.”

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Organizers focused the vigil on how the tragedy has shined a light on the values and beliefs people with so many backgrounds have in common.

“We don’t have to be from the same place, we don’t have to follow the same religion, we don’t have to be the same race, we don’t have to love the same people, but we are the same one community,” explained Dr. Nirmala Prakash, from the College of Medicine which hosted the vigil.

One student passed out rainbow-colored ribbons. She said she wanted members of the LGBT community to know they are accepted.

“If they see everyone with the ribbons, it’s like people do care and all these people are supportive of us,” explained Juliana Wandell.

Students concluded the ceremony by releasing 49 balloons; one for each person killed at the Orlando nightclub.