Top Soccer program helps individuals with disabilities

Posted at 7:09 PM, Mar 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-31 04:42:20-04

Sally Bahn is force on the soccer field. She's been playing soccer for years. "I like my coach and have known Victor for 20 years and I have buddies with me to help me out with my running and I like that."

Sally and many others with disabilities have a chance to play, thanks to volunteers at TOPSoccer in Boca Raton.

Volunteer Victor Nocera has been watching Sally play for 17 years.

"There was never a special needs program available to her, so she used to sit on the sidelines and watch her brother and sister play. But now she belongs to a team and to a great organization. She goes home with a smile on her face," said Nocera.

Nocera, with SABR TOPSoccer, oversees the program which places a buddy with each player. There's no age limit. The youngest is 5-years-old, the oldest is in their 40s.

"They help them with the drills, and keep tabs on them some kids require two buddies, most kids require one, though," said Nocera.

And just like other soccer leagues, the players dress in uniforms when they play other teams.

"The parents just love seeing their kids participate in an organized sport and getting the exercise that they need," said Nocera.

Michelle Rubin loves what the program has to offer for her son.

"It's been really terrific for him. It's wonderful for young families. When you receive that diagnosis and you don't know where to go. So, when you come out and see all these other families that are in the same situation that you are, you always leave there feeling good," said Rubin.

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