Three men arrested in Boca Raton after series of car thefts in Broward, Palm Beach Counties

Posted at 8:02 PM, Sep 27, 2016

Police put the brakes on a car theft crime spree in Boca Raton.

Now three men are in custody - one of them as young as 15-years-old

All of it took place overnight Tuesday and actually stretched between two different counties.

At around 2:30 Tuesday morning, investigators were trying to locate an accused car thief who had driven from Broward county into Palm Beach County.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's office helicopter tracked the stolen car into Boca Raton, where three men inside the car, ditched it and went after more cars.

Detectives say they stole a Toyota Tundra, a BMW, and a Mercades Benz almost at the same time.

Law enforcement arrested one thief almost immediately 18-year-old Tyrell Prince.

A second person was caught shortly after.

Police then chased a 15-year-old who was driving the BMW into Delray Beach, where they found him behind a house.  

Prince is being charged with Grand Theft Auto.

Broward Sheriff's Office and the South Florida Task Force all assisted in taking the suspects down.