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Simulator raises awareness about distracted drivers

Posted: 7:35 PM, Nov 26, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-27 05:46:39-05

Palm Beach State College freshman Kyle Aarons is participating in a 3D experience about driving while distracted. It's part of the 'It Can Wait' Virtual Reality Tour by AT&T.

Kyle says he's glad he took a few minutes to stop by the simulator while at the Boca Raton campus.

"The music, the production of it gave you take a better grasp to it and made you feel that this can actually happen to everybody," she said.

The simulator is meant to make drivers more aware.

"You have people who are not just texting and driving, they are video chatting and driving. They are posting to their social media accounts while they drive, taking selfies while they drive," said AT&T spokeswoman Kelly Starling.

Starling said the company is taking the simulator to high schools and colleges.

"Because many of the people this age, they are the ones growing up on smartphones this is their number way of communicating," said Starling.  

She said after watching the video, there is a pledge.

"As you look at this wall that's right here behind me, these are all people who lost their lives because either they were distracted by their smartphone or because someone else was distracted," said Starling.

The simulator will be making other stops in South Florida and then head to Fort Myers next week.