Road to Rio Olympics stops in Boca Raton for Argentina soccer team

Argentina and Colombia play pre-Olympics game
Posted at 7:31 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-21 19:31:50-04

The road to Rio and the Summer Olympics stops in Boca Raton.

Tonight, the Argentinean and Colombian soccer teams square off in an exhibition match at Florida Atlantic University.

“We’re Colombian, we want to be here for support, to root for them,” screamed Catarina Mendez.

The Mendez family is walking through FAU’s campus wearing Colombian national team jerseys: Olympic fever has taken over.

Fans on both sides are eager for a sneak peak of what they’ll see in Rio next month.

Even members of the sports commission, which helped lure the Argentina team to Boca Raton, can’t hide their excitement.

“Tonight is really going to be fun for me personally. My husband’s family is from Argentina, so I have to root for Argentina. Vamos Argentina!” cheered Margie Walden.

“We’re stoked! I came to support our team. Hopefully we get a win against Argentina, they’re our worst enemy,” said Christiano Mendez.

Businesses around Boca Raton are looking forward to the game too.

The Lion and Eagle Pub says whenever there’s a soccer game in town, the bar goes non-stop.

“So maybe on a Thursday evening in the summertime, where it would typically be slow, it gives people a reason to come in and have a beer or something to eat and then go catch a live game,” explained owner Rob Allen.

Argentina is spending 10 days in Boca Raton. It plays Colombia tonight and Haiti on Sunday.

A Canadian synchronized diving team is also preparing for Rio in Boca Raton.

The Olympic soccer tournament kicks off August 3.

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