Teaching rules of the road on A1A in south PBC

Posted at 12:14 PM, Mar 07, 2016

Driver, bicyclists and pedestrians on A1A be prepared. This week, law enforcement and traffic agencies are launching an educational campaign to raise awareness about road safety.

The South Florida Safe Roads Task Force will focus on A1A from Manalapan to Pompano Beach.

A spokesperson for the group says the campaign is not about writing tickets, but teaching people about the dos and don'ts of sharing the road.

Officers will focus on telling drivers to leave three feet between their cars and bicyclists when they pass.

They'll be talking with pedestrians about using crosswalks.

And officers will stop packs of bicycles, if they're taking up too much of the roadway. 

Organizers say the stretch of road is popular because of its beach access and views for drivers and bicyclists. Because it attracts so many different uses, the task force wants to make sure everyone can enjoy it safely.

Expect to see message boards along the road starting Monday. Officers will conduct educational initiatives intermittently throughout the week and into the weekend.