Retail and restaurants now hiring for seasonal and full time help

Some positions could become permanent
Posted at 7:21 PM, Nov 25, 2016

From restaurants to retail, South Florida is hiring.

The National Retail Federation predicts American employers will hire an extra 670,000 people during the holidays.

You can't celebrate the holidays without some sweets. Tyler Abel, 21, landed a sweet gig.
Hoffman’s Chocolates just hired the college student to help out this season. It means he'll have a little extra money to spend.

“That's always a plus to get a few bucks here and there to put in your pocket,” said Abel.

He is one of about 100 employees Hoffman’s needs across its ten stores this time of year.

30 employees will work in the Greenacres chocolate factory where they pump out 1,500 pounds of finished products every day.

“The retail side is just unbelievable during the holiday season,” said Randall Vitale, regional vice president.  

Vitale added the impact of seasonal jobs goes beyond the chocolate factory. 

“Employees can take that money and go back and spend it on their families, in their communities for the seasonal expenses they have,” he said.  

At Tap42 in Boca Raton, the general manager has five positions to fill. Kaitlyn Pita hopes to keep whomever she hires now on staff well past season.

“Some people come and go, but for the most part we're a pretty tight knit crew,” said Pita. “So when we lose someone, it's like trying to find another family member to come on the team.”

Her team interviewed two people Friday, both moved on to the next round. 

Pita shared these interview tips for job hunters: be enthusiastic and highlight how you work in a team environment. 

Some other restaurants told NewsChannel 5 they don't hire seasonal employees. Instead managers assign current employees more shifts, giving them the opportunity to make more money.