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Rescued puppy shows signs of animal cruelty

Posted at 7:37 PM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 19:37:32-04

Eight-month-old Myah is a typical puppy. She likes to play and eat. Veterinarian Dr. Jay Katz considers Myah a miracle, because she shows signs of abuse.

"The worst part is right here along her spine, you can see every bone, every vertebrae, the hip bones, the ribs," said Dr. Katz.
Myah shouldn't be alive. She was found wandering a Miami street.

"I think she was tied up or confined in a very small area and not taken care of.  She was covered in her own urine and fecal matter," the doctor added.

Dr. Katz says this is the worst case of animal cruelty he's seen. A good Samaritan found Myah and brought her to the Boca Raton animal rescue organization.

I think her spirit is still in there, despite that fact that she has been denied the most basic thing that we all need in life," said the president of Their Lives Matter organization, Grace Kaye.

The staff at Healthy Pets Veterinary Care told WPTV they have to be very strategic about getting Myah up to her normal weight. She should weigh about 45 pounds, but weighs only 18 pounds.

"We have been fully working back up to the amount of food she should be eating a day, to avoid any sort of heart issues, electrolyte problems that can come with feeding her too fast," said Dr. Nikki Mazzaschi.
Despite the nightmare she experienced, Dr. Katz says Myah's attitude towards humans is still positive.

"Very loving, very caring, you go over and walk in front of her and she's wagging, she's wiggling, she wants to play with you. She wants love."

Healthy Pets Veterinary Care
Boca Raton

Their Lives Matter is raising money to pay for Myah's medical bills.