Thieves break into home with family inside

Posted at 6:43 PM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 18:43:46-05

It's a neighborhood where residents say they felt safe. Now Adam Winfield says a home invasion has changed that.
"It's just scary because they knew we were home and they didn't care."
Adam says he and his wife were downstairs in their home on Spanish Trail sleeping when they heard footsteps throughout the house. Thinking it was their in laws who were sleeping over, they didn't make much of it until his wife went out to check.
"When she looked out the bedroom door, she saw three people with mask and one of them had a gun pointed at her, she started yelling get out of my house, hey just scrambled and starred running."
Adam says he chased the intruders out of the house and down the street. He says the thieves stole Christmas presents, purses, cash and the keys to their cars and house.
"You know they got away with an iPad and a couple purses and meaningless stuff, I'm just thankful that they just ran."

Police say you should secure all entrances to your house, including your doors and windows. Also if you have an alarm, activate it at night.

Adam says they didn't activate the alarm before going to bed that night. Police also say one of the side doors was unlocked. The homeowner says even if they would have followed police's advice, it is likely thieves would have gotten in. 

"The police found head lamps and drills and tools and said they were coming in one way or another," Winfield said.
The armed home invasion is a wake up call to people living in this crime watch neighborhood.
"It definitely seems safe, so I have no idea how it's happening or why it's happening," a neighbor, Allison Conner said.
Adam says their surveillance video of the incident isn't clear. Police say they are working all investigate leads and urge you to call Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers with tips.