One cent sales tax proposal divides people in Palm Beach County

Posted at 8:02 PM, Oct 14, 2016

A proposal to raise the sales tax by one percent has Palm Beach County divided. If approved by voters on November 8, the sales tax would increase from six to seven percent.

Fifty percent of the tax would go to schools, while the 30 and 20 percent would go to county and city projects respectively.

According to the Palm Beach County School District a house with a median household income of $52,878, the family could expect to pay $129.03 more a year.

"Ax the Tax", a group opposing the increase says the tax is a 17% increase to families. Sid Dinerstein says it should be advertised as such, "Their literature says it's a penny, it's one percent those are intended to keep people from understanding what a great money grab this is."

Friday, the Palm Beach County School District agreed to take us to one the schools that could benefit the most from the tax.

Verde Elementary School in Boca Raton has had issues with leaky roofs, a failing air conditioning system and a building that is taking hits to its core (walls and foundation).

In 2015, the principal reports closing classrooms because of mold. So far, they haven't seen that issue this year.

Nicole Dantuono-Regalbuto, who's daughter is in fifth grade, says the school needs the more than $23 million that could come their way. "It's really a no brainer for me, I don't care if its one cent or 10 cents, it's going to the betterment of the children."

District employees say budget cuts by the state legislature led to these problems. Dinerstein is proposing that more charter schools be built; he says it would force the state, not local taxpayers to pay for repairs.

To see where the county, cities and school district plan to make repairs click here.