Natalie Cole's sisters talk about her life

Posted at 9:10 PM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-03 21:10:32-05

Timolin and Casey Cole miss their older sister, Natalie Cole.

They look at pictures, remembering  what it was like growing up together with their family, including their father Nat King Cole.

Casey said, "So we didn't realize when we saw her that when we said goodbye to her on Christmas day, that that was going to be the last day that we actually saw her."

Natalie walking in the footsteps of her father. Just like her father, she loved to sing. Casey added,

"People don't realize that Natalie's been around for a long time. And she is one of the first artists who was able to transcend not just pop, R&B and jazz as well."

Natalie sang and traveled even with health issues.

A year after Natalie's 2009 kidney transplant, she got more news about her health. Timolin said, "She was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension, it is a treatable but not curable progressive lung disease."

Last year her health started failing.

She died on December 31st.

Now her sisters are committed to keeping the legendary singer's memory alive.

"She had a group of wonderful friends that she would travel with around this time of the year, every year", said Timolin.

The sisters and Natalie's son will spend time with those friends this weekend remembering Natalie's 66th birthday.

Natalie's birthday is February 6th.

Timolin said,"It's a reminder that she was so loved and by so many people and and like our father, not just artistically but as a person."

Natalie Cole is a woman who is truly unforgettable.

With tear-filled eyes, Casey said, "For those few people who were her friends, they said that she would sign her letters off and we can salute her and say we will see you in the music, we will see you in the music."

Several years ago, the sisters started the Nat King Cole Generation Hope which provides music education for kids in need.

Now they want to add Natalie Cole's legacy to the organization. They are also planning a tribute concert in April with singer Aretha Franklin.