Lynn University students receive iPad Pro

Posted at 8:06 PM, Feb 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-02 04:45:49-05

Students at Lynn University have a new tool in their hands. The Boca Raton institute is giving all undergraduate students an iPad Pro.

The university started the process of handing out the iPads to existing students today. This will replace the iPad Minis students have been using.

These new iPad Pros are bigger and faster than the Minis.

School leaders say connecting students with technology is part of the educational experience now more than ever.

“Since we introduced iPad-powered learning in 2013, retention is on the rise, student outcomes are improving, and we are receiving more prospective student inquiries than ever,” President Kevin Ross said in a statement.

Students say they are excited to have more education-based apps and functions at their fingertips.

"I can highlight, take notes; even for videos, I can take clips that are the most important for me. It just makes studying and learning much easier," explains Denisse Rodriguez, a senior at Lynn.

The iPad is free to enrolled students.

School leaders say it allows students to save about 90% on textbooks, by downloading digital books prepared by Lynn faculty.

The students will also receive an Apple pencil, which allows you to write on the iPad screen, and a smart keyboard, making typing easy. The goal is to replace laptops and computers.

The university's chief information officer says this will allow the campus to reduce the number of computer labs it has, opening up more space for other options.

Lynn University says it is the first school in the country to offer every student an iPad Pro.