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Heavy rain creates small sinkhole in Boca Raton neighborhood

Streets near Intracoastal Waterway sustain some flooding
As the storm pushed away in the afternoon, it still packed a punch in the morning, causing significant flooding on some streets in Boca Raton.
Posted at 3:27 PM, Jun 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-04 18:05:21-04

BOCA RATON, Fla. — As the storm pushed away Saturday afternoon, it still packed a punch in the morning, causing significant flooding on some streets in Boca Raton.

Other people took advantage of the weather conditions.

A sinkhole opened right off Northwest 27th Street in Boca Raton. It is located right next to Jose Olivar's home.

"It's about 15 feet by 8 and about 6 feet deep," Olivar said.

Jose Olivar, Boca Raton resident describes sinkhole, June 4, 2022
Jose Olivar describes the size of the sinkhole that occurred in Boca Raton from the tropical disturbance.

He said it must have opened during the Saturday morning storm since it wasn’t there yesterday.

"I've never seen the water, you know the canal water level goes up this high," Olivar said. "This is the first time ever, so I'm surprised by the damage that is done."

Crews from the city of Boca Raton and police responded by closing off the street.

Olivar hopes it can be fixed before it caves in even more.

Truck drives through flooded Boca Raton street, June 4, 2022
Some roads near the Intracoastal Waterway in Boca Raton were flooded by the storm.

The storm is also flooding streets in neighborhoods close to the Intracoastal Waterway like Northeast Fifth Avenue.

People's front and backyards were filled with water.

Even though some portions of the street were more than a foot deep. Some people still drove through it.

Over at South Beach Pavilion Park, surfers took advantage of the waves like Chris Warren.

Boca Raton surfers, June 4, 2022
Surfers took advantage of the high waves that the disturbance brought to Florida.

"The weather patterns are generating waves. It's kind of blown out, but it's kind of clean too," Warren said. "Down here [in Florida] we don't get great surfs, so you kind of take what you get and today is the day to be out in it."

Susan Toolan came out to watch the surfers ride the waves and get wiped out.

She said her sister from Virginia recently visited the area when there were no clouds in the sky.

"I wanted to give her a little bit of video and some pictures of what it is like here now," Toolan said.