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Father of student killed in 2010 Haitian earthquake reacts to President's alleged racist comments

Posted at 7:55 PM, Jan 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-12 20:35:45-05
For Len Gengel it’s been 8 years of pain.
“My daughter gave her life serving others is Haiti.”

And 8 years of progress.

“I thought I was going to Haiti to help Haiti, when in essence it was Haiti that helped me,” he says.

It’s why President Trump’s alleged remarks strike such a chord with him. 

“To me, any form of prejudice is disgusting,” he says. 

It was 8 years ago that his 19-year-old daughter Britney was on a mission trip in Haiti, when the ground began to quake under her feet.

“Brit’s body wasn’t recovered for 33 days till after the earthquake. 300,000 people died, it is estimated, in 20 seconds.”

Gengel was determined to not let her loss be in vain. 

His family stared the 'Be Like Brit' orphanage in her name.

“We have 33 boys and 33 girls. These are my children. Haitian children.”

In the years since, Haiti has seen troubling times. 

Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Hurricane Irma in 2017 left wide spread damage and thousands more dead. 

Gengel says the country is slowly making a comeback. 
Be like Brit is contributing to that change, over the last few years they’ve built almost 100 homes for displaced Haitians. 
"Roads that were diminished are now rebuilt. I see progress every time. There is hope. It’s very small, it’s incremental, but it’s progress."
On this 8 year anniversary, he offers this challenge to the president:

“I would encourage President Trump to come down to Brit’s home in Haiti and feel the unconditional love of our children, and to feel a culture where they embrace the virtues of faith, hope and love.”

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