Boca church group to buy car for Aceves family

Posted at 6:54 PM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-08 18:54:16-05

A Boca Raton community is coming together to help the family of Wendy Harris Aceves. She was killed in a car crash last month.

Her SUV was destroyed and the car insurance money isn't enough to buy a new vehicle.

A group from her church hopes to get the family back on the road by raising money for a car.

It's been more than one month and it's still hard to believe Harris Aceves is gone.

"You kind of become attached to her because you could tell it was genuine and she didn't do it for any reason other than to help you," explains Hugo Nunez, who worked with Harris Aceves in the Boy Scout troop out of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church.

Michael Stazzone is also a parishioner at the church. He's seen all the time Harris Aceves dedicated to the parish.

Now, Stazzone and Nunuez say it's time for them to give back. They've launched a website to raise money to buy a new car for her widower.

"It's the masses of our compassion and generosity which is going to make a difference for this family," explains Stazzone.

Police say Harris Aceves died when a teenager in a stolen car crashed into her Honda Pilot November 1.

Most of the insurance check went to the car's lien holder, leaving Harris Aceves's family with a small amount.

A few weeks later, the car belonging to her widower, John, was involved in a crash and rendered useless. He's been borrowing a car ever since.

"No one deserves it more than him. His wife has always helped others, so this is easy for us to help him," Stazzone points out.

A group of fathers at the church is working with a car dealer to buy a replacement Honda Pilot at cost. They need about $15,000. The dad's group has already raised nearly $5,000, but it is asking the public to help cover the rest; hopefully before Christmas.

If you’re interested in learning how you can help, click here or email

A previous crowdfunding effort raised $24,000 for the Aceves family. That money went toward funeral expenses and an education fund for her two children.