Caught on camera: teens take all the Halloween candy from Boca Raton porch

Has trick or treating lost its appeal?
Posted at 5:10 PM, Nov 01, 2016

A Boca Raton homeowner posted surveillance video that shows three boys taking every piece of candy she left in a bowl outside her front door on Halloween night.

While the homeowner was with her 3-year-old trick or treating, the teens decided to take the 15 pounds of candy she left on her porch. Apparently the candy wasn't enough; one boy took the bowl as well, shoving it inside a backpack.

We showed the video to Greg DePalma. The Delray Beach man said sadly he's not surprised.

He believes what the video shows is proof of why fewer people want to participate in the Halloween tradition.

“If you can't leave candy out for little kids around 6 or 7 o’clock at night, then how can you trust anyone else around there?” DePalma asked.

The woman who posted the video did not want to talk on camera, but she said in an online post that she's done with Halloween. “Next year, I’ll just shut the lights off like everyone else and save myself the hassle."

Tibe Jordan has his own Halloween horror story. He left a bowl of candy out while he was working late three years ago.

“I came back around 10:30 and all the candy was gone and the bowl was in a million pieces. that was the end of my Halloween that night,” Jordan said.

This year, he was home, but not a single kid in costume came to his west Boca Raton house for candy.

Has Halloween gone from a fun walk around the neighborhood for kids, to a party night for adults? Both DePalma and Jordan think so.

The homeowner who posted the video wrote “Halloween is supposed to...preserve just a little bit of innocence that is left in these kids." Maybe not anymore."

But Jordan still has hope for next year.

“A year will go by and I’ll be into it again and I’ll buy more candy even though I said I wouldn’t,” Jordan admitted.

Late Tuesday, the homeowner discovered who took all of the candy, but she's not interested in filing a police report. 

Click here to see the unedited video.