Boca Raton students celebrate diversity and disabilities during 'Inclusion Day'

October is Disability Awareness Month
Posted at 12:24 PM, Oct 11, 2016

Loud noises, flashing lights, a video playing in the background: Students at Calusa Elementary School simulated what it feels like to have certain disabilities.

From sensory overload, to visual and audio impairment, the students experienced a wide range of sights and sounds. They even heard from a panel of young adults who manages their disabilities.

The Boca Raton school calls it “Inclusion Day.”

School leaders hope the activities give students better context about what their classmates and friends experience.

“The friends thing is big, that’s definitely one of the things we’re constantly reinforcing,” said Chari Gordon, the school’s Exceptional Student Education coordinator. “But I also think it helps build good character skills like empathy, understanding and acceptance.”

October is Disability Awareness Month. The goal is to celebrate diversity and break down stigmas surrounding disabilities.