Boca Raton doctors design stress manage device

Posted at 7:03 PM, Jan 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-22 21:14:37-05

Linda Dubin is listening to music enhanced by an electronic device.

"How are you feeling? Just relaxation comes right over you."
Registered nurse Ami Brannon says she worked on the device with local doctors Dr. Daniel and Richard Cartledge.

They're trying to help those of us who are stressed out. Brannon said, "His brother Daniel is an interventional pain physician. he had experience using vagus nerve stimulation for pain control, and noticed that the patients not only felt relief from their pain, but they also felt a nice relaxed feeling."

They put their knowledge together and came up with what they call Nervana-- a device that syncs  up nerve stimulation with whatever music you are listening to. Brannon said, "An electrical stimulator that sends little electrical waves to the pleasure center of your brain through an earbud that is made up of conductive silicone and we match the signal to music."

People like Linda find that it helps them relax within minutes. "It gives off this feeling of relaxation, stress relief and it's like a non-chemical non pharmaceutical option for relieving stress."

Even though it's not considered a medical device - Dr. Harold Bafitis, says this could be a game changer. "How great would it be if somebody could actually get in the moment and relax and stop all of the secretions of hormones before surgery they would have a better recovery."

"I think so many people are trying to find ways not to put things into their bodies, but really channel ways that your body normally works."