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Boca Raton couple returns to South Florida after terrifying trip to Las Vegas

Posted at 5:24 AM, Oct 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-04 06:13:58-04

Karen Silber and her husband, Clark, have never been happier to be back home in South Florida after their routine trip to Las Vegas turned into a nightmare.

Karen said, "Honestly it was just horrible, you just wanted to get away. It was hard to have fun when there's so much devastation around you. It was terrible."

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The Boca Raton couple arrived in Las Vegas early Sunday.  They said they travel to Vegas a few times a year and were just there for a little vacation.

They did not even know about the country concert taking place, nor could they imagine the horror that night would bring. 

Karen said, "We were just on our way to Mandalay Bay. This was before everything happened. As we were walking there, we just decided I was too tired, we would go tomorrow. As we just stepped into our hotel at the Aria, they did a complete lockdown."

She said they heard sirens all night and watched everything unfold on television, scared of copycat attacks and rumors about additional shooters.

When they could finally leave their hotel, the city suddenly was not the Las Vegas they knew. 

"It was very solemn, no one wanted to talk, and then it just got worse when we got to Mandalay Bay. You could see where he shot the window out," said Karen.  There were police up and down the entire strip. They had everything blocked still, and it became very personable to the point you just wanted to get out.  You started to meet people and talk to people who were at the venue and hear about their family members missing."

She said although it will take some time to get over, she says this won't stop them from going back to Las Vegas. 

"Unfortunately this is life today and it's sad, but you can't stop living and you have to be able to travel and enjoy life but unfortunately you just have to be a little more aware I guess," said Karen.

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