AVDA expands educational program to prevent teen dating abuse

Delray organization now working at Spanish River
Posted at 4:00 PM, Dec 26, 2016

Relationships are hard no matter how old you are, but even more so when you're young.

Studies show one in three teenagers experience some kind of abuse from the person they are dating.

It could be anything from yelling at one another to sexual assault.

One Delray Beach agency is trying to help young people cope.

Rebecca Keck leads a version of The Dating Game at in a Spanish River High School classroom. Her goal here is to show students what to look for in a healthy relationship.

“They’re at most risk when they’re in their teens, and that’s when you learn what relationships are,” Keck explained.

Keck works for AVDA, Aid to Victims of Abuse.

She said dating abuse is most prevalent in ages 16 to 24. So this year, AVDA expanded an educational program it launched years ago at Boynton Beach Community High School.

Now, AVDA will work directly with more teens than ever as they get their first taste of dating.

Freshman Morgan McAmis has a boyfriend who she said is great at communicating.  She wants all her classmates to feel what she’s experienced.

“If you’re not in a healthy relationship, you’ll never know what a healthy relationship is, and you won’t know what you deserve,” McAmis pointed out.

Keck believes teaching these skills now will lead to an abuse-free dating scene.