Donald Trump's former Mar-a-Lago butler calls his ex-boss brilliant, says Obama is a fraud

Posted at 12:06 PM, Jun 08, 2016

Donald Trump's former butler is speaking out again. The last time we heard from Anthony Senecal his strong criticism of President Obama sparked a Secret Service investigation.

Trump’s campaign may have disavowed Senecal's harsh criticism of the president, but Senecal told NewsChannel 5 he stands by his controversial Facebook posts.

Senecal devoted much of his speech today at a luncheon sponsored by the Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club to talking about his 20 years as Trump's personal butler at his Palm Beach complex, Mar-a-Lago.

“He's honest; a little bit brash maybe at times, but that's the honesty coming out,” Senecal said.

The former Butler made headlines of his own in May when he wrote on Facebook that the military should hang President Obama for treason and other "high crimes." 

He said he stands by his post, defiant despite the controversy he sparked worldwide.

“I think he's a fraud,” Senecal said of Obama. “He’s ruined this country, just dragged it down. And he’s ruined race relations in the country too.”

Those comments got the attention of Trump and the Secret Service which launched an investigation.

“They came and interviewed me and found me to be just a guy,” Senecal said. “They wanted to know if I had any guns and they wanted to know if I’d planned a trip to Washington DC anytime soon.”

No and no Senecal said he told the Secret Service.

At the time, the Trump campaign issued a statement calling Senecal "a troubled man."

The butler admits he hasn't talked to his old boss since the controversy. But he considers them to still be friendly.

Senecal explained he hasn’t been employed by Mar-a-Lago since 2009, but still works there from time to time when people ask him to give tours of the complex.

“I’m there maybe 8-10 times per month,” he said.

NewsChannel 5 reached out to the Trump campaign today. A spokesperson refused to comment directly, instead the spokesperson sent the statement they sent out in May disavowing Senecal.

The Secret Service says its investigation of Senecal remains active.