American Red Cross closes Boca Raton office, but will still serve area

Employees will work from home or West Palm Beach
Posted at 6:54 PM, Nov 30, 2016

The American Red Cross is closing its Boca Raton office, but the organization wants to make it clear it will continue to serve the area.

In fact, leaders said they’ll increase their presence in Palm Beach County.

The organization provides disaster relief, CPR training and swim lessons to list a few.

“The work that we do is actually in the communities, it’s not based in the buildings,” said Executive Director Robin Hicks Nunley.  “So we’ve discovered the real estate is less important and we can continue to do what we do without having a building.”

Most of the administrators from the Boca Raton office will work from home or move to the Red Cross’s West Palm Beach office.

The organization is constantly looking for volunteers. If you’re interested, click here.