Age just a number for this ping-pong player

Posted at 12:28 PM, Feb 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-10 12:28:32-05

For  96-year-old Sandy Leventhal, defense is the best offense.

"I say let’s play to 100, and you start with what you are in age," said Leventhal. "So I start with 96 and if you're 72, you start with 72. I figure I can beat almost everyone that way anyways."

The Boca Raton Century Village resident has lived almost a century and still plays ping pong regularly. And he's really good.

He brings his own paddles and ping pong balls to each game he plays. His strategy at his age is to play defense and make his opponent run.

"I don't mind if I don't win. But I'm competitive to the point that I consider myself an undefeated champion for age 96."

The WWII veteran was born in 1919 and raised in New York. He never played pong professionally or seriously but says he got good in college.

Now at his age he still plays regularly in the clubhouse and even enters into competitions on cruises when he travels.

So what is his secret to being this healthy and active at 96? He says he eats bran with his cereal and never worries.