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Drought conditions continue as Lake O levels decline

Posted at 6:29 PM, Apr 04, 2017
and last updated 2019-03-25 20:03:48-04

It's really dry out there. So dry in fact that Lake Okeechobee water levels sit around 12.5 feet. If Lake O levels continue to drop, we could be facing a call to conserve.

In Okeechobee, Gary Ritter hasn't seen conditions like this in years.

"We are getting into a situation like we were in 2006," says Ritter. "Restricted at the times of the day when we could water."

We're not at that point yet, however The South Florida Water Management District are encouraging people to be aware.

Okeechobee City Administrator Marcos Monte de Oca says he is informing the public.

"County wide for us."

There's something else he's worried about these days. It's Lake Okeechobee's water levels.

"Now we start seeing lot closures."

The lake is key to tourism in Okeechobee County and if the levels are too low, people may not want to come to the area.

"Tourism for us with anybody fishing and many of those water sports activities. The other is our agriculture. That's our life blood," says Monte de Oca.

The hope now is rain is in the future.