Blind Okeechobee woman can see again

Posted at 11:16 AM, May 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-12 11:16:43-04

(WBBH via NBC NEWSCHANNEL) A Florida woman who lost her sight in 1993 can see again after a miraculous turn of events.

Mary Ann Powell-Franco's ordeal began after crashing her car on a snowy morning while living in Ohio; she needed spinal surgery to fix ruptured discs. The words from her doctor at the time landed like a death sentence.

"He said, 'Mary Ann, you had a stroke on that table,'" she remembered.

Her world went dark.

"Nothing," Mary Ann quickly answered when asked to describe what she saw. "I couldn't see anything. However, hell felt, I felt like I was there."

Recently a fall re-injured her spine. A family member drove Mary Ann, who now lives in Okeechobee, to the Martin Medical Center in Stuart.

She went under for neck surgery, but no one, not even her doctor, could imagine how she'd wake up.

Coming out from anesthesia, Mary Ann woke up to a view she hadn’t seen in years.

"I could look out and see the St. Lucie River,” she remembered.

Her doctor does offer one theory while pointing to an artery that potentially kinked during her crash or surgery years ago.

The neurosurgeon, with decades of experience, says blood could have brought back to life previously dormant nerve cells for vision.  

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