Tequesta residents evacuate, others boarding up

Posted at 10:00 AM, Oct 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-06 11:37:17-04

Tequesta residents are boarding up and getting out Thursday before Hurricane Matthew strikes.

Mandatory evacuations are now in place for trailer parks, low-lying areas and barrier islands.

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One woman said work kept her from making preparation earlier.

“This is our first time having mandatory evacuations, and I teach in the county and we had school yesterday. I had three children who were in school. I didn’t want to let down my students and I don’t know it’s frustrating because I feel like we’re in a bind and now panic is setting in!” she said.

An earlier gas shortage led to long lines with drivers rushing to fill up their cars and generators.

"We drove up and down.  There are no stations that are open west of here, and I was driving down the road, and we spotted the tanker and said, ‘OK, looks like it makes sense,’” said Hal Baseman, who was busy filling up his generator.

While the evacuations are being called mandatory, local police are not able to force anyone out.

Resident Lauren deVaal says she’s staying put and going to ride out the storm.

“(We have) hurricane shutters, all of our windows are impact-resistant. We have food, water, batteries.  We’ve got everything we need,” said deVaal.

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