Designer: How to decorate your home on a budget

Posted at 8:39 PM, Feb 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-04 20:39:59-05

Angela Reynolds is a celebrity interior designer.

The Jupiter designer said, "I worked on Celine Dion's residence in Florida and on her house in Las Vegas.

And I worked on Kid Rock's residence and Elin, who was Tiger Woods' ex-wife."

Now she's sharing her secrets on how to have a home look like a celebrity's if you're on a tight budget -  avoiding spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Angela said, "Painting a kitchen white it makes the biggest impact, it makes the kitchen feel cleaner and bigger and brighter. Often painting it a soft gray even navy cabinets are very powerful and can transform a kitchen."

But don't just paint.

Angela says, "Change your handles. The hardware is like the jewelry to your cabinets, so if you change to a large scale, with a little bit of a polished nickel, or even a stainless steel, it would update your kitchen."

She says if you need furniture, visit flea markets or a garage sale and get creative - something she did with the lamps that are in her house.

"On a budget, great places to look for great deals that look like a designer look is online. There's a lot of great online discounters that do an amazing job," says Angela.

Something as simple as buying affordable flowers can brighten up a room and bring it to life.

She also says you can spruce up your bathroom.

"Amazing transformations can happen just by editing your bathroom, cleaning out all the accessories on your countertop. Making your countertop look beautiful with little jars to put your toiletries and that can make a huge impact," says Angela.

It's like having a celebrity's home, without spending a lot of money.