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Venture X: Shared office space helping moms who work from home

Posted at 5:33 AM, Feb 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-11 05:33:29-05

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Shared office space is opening new doors for many people, including working moms in need of a quieter environment.

Working from home has its perks, but it can also come with big downfalls when it comes to productivity.

People from all walks of life, especially working moms, are turning to shared office space as a way to focus on their work.

In a spot where North Palm Bach meets Palm Beach Gardens, there's a unique space called Venture X.

"People are breaking out of Starbucks," said Jeannie Fowle, the owner of Venture X.

It's where flexibility and productivity thrives.

"When you get interrupted, it takes you about 23 minutes to bounce back," said Fowle.

Part of the concept is about getting out of the house and being more productive, but the other part is the ability to network and have interactions with other adults.

A growing group of people who use the space are working moms, looking to escape the chaos at home. That includes Lyette Reback, who has 16 kids and runs a non-profit organization that helps families of fallen soldiers. She is working on a Valentine's Day project and planning a July Fourth race in Tequesta.

"There are times I have to make really important phone calls where I don't want the dog barking and the kids running and fighting in the background," said Reback, a mom and founder of "Believe with Me."

There's also Jessica Steier, the CEO of a small business that specializes in health advanced data analytics. She's also a mom of two kids under the age of two.

"I'm biologically programmed to respond to their cries, so for me if I hear them, I'm running to them. I'm not focused on my work," said Steier.

Now, instead of kids banging on the home office door, the focus shifts to opening new doors.