Two near drownings within 48 hours in PBC

Posted at 5:34 PM, May 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 17:34:22-04

Emergency crews in Palm Beach County responded to two near drownings within just two days.

The first happened Monday in Boynton Beach.

According to the Boynton Beach Police Department, the 2 year-old was playing "hide and go seek" with an older child. During the course of the game, the toddler was able to get outside the home and ended up in the pool, officials say.

Family members quickly pulled him out and police say the child began coughing and crying. He's expected to be ok.

On Tuesday, another child nearly drowned at the recreational pool in Palm Beach Gardens.

The toddler was spotted by a lifeguard. Officials say the child was unresponsive in the wading pool.

Erin Dinisio knows the child's mother, and watched the lifeguard perform CPR on him.

"We were all watching each other's kids, too, but it's hard. You take your eye off a kid for one second and... it's scary," Erin said.

She said she had a familiar scare just two days ago involving her youngest daughter in the family's pool.

"Same thing-- face up for just a few seconds and was coughing up the water a little bit and you can't sleep at night because you're watching them the whole night," she said.

Erin said the mother whose child was rescued Tuesday had two other children at the pool at the time.

Candice Temple, media relations manager for the city, said the fast-acting lifeguard helped save the toddler's life.

"He saved his life. Without a doubt, that lifeguard and the quick action saved that child's life," she said.

Candice said that there are always three lifeguards watching over this particular pool, but that it's crucial parents keep a close eye on their kids as well.

"They're closely monitoring, but of course, the parent has the ultimate duty of supervision and that's very important," she said.

The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County offers helpful advice to parents of young children.

The agency says it's crucial children are taught to swim early in life, and that parents never leave them unattended. 

For more information visit  The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach Countywebsite.