P.B. Gardens woman plans Cuba trip to see pope

Posted at 5:46 AM, Sep 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-14 05:46:54-04

Pope Francis is just days away from visiting Cuba before coming to the United States for a six-day trip. A Palm Beach Gardens woman is hoping to make it to Cuba this week to see him.

The home of 74-year-old Marta Menedez Cano is a shrine.

"When people are in need, in fear, in sickness or natural disasters they all come here," explained Cano.

The Franciscan Servant of God fills it with relics of saints, statues of the Blessed Mother and Jesus, among other religious items.

"My life doesn't belong to me," she explained. "My life belongs to the Lord and his people."

She's planning a trip to see Pope Francis in Cuba. For her it's the trip of a lifetime.

"The magnitude of grace that he carries will flood the place and there's a total transformation of people," she said.

The beloved spiritual leader will be in Cuba for four days starting Saturday. It would also be Marta's first time back since she left during the Cuban Revolution in 1960.

"It's nervousness of course because I don't want to break out in tears when I get there," added Cano.

Marta has seen Pope John Paul four times. But to see Pope Francis for the first time, and in her home country, would be the ultimate blessing.

"The pope, I could go to Philadelphia, and see him but it's not the same as seeing him in Cuba," said Cano. "I believe that the pope is going to bring a great many blessings to Cuba."

Cano plans to also see cousins and friends she hasn't seen in decades. She's hoping her Visa arrives in time for the trip.