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Palm Beach Gardens resident spots bobcat in her backyard

Posted at 7:30 PM, Oct 30, 2018

Jill Balderas says she was standing in her kitchen when she spotted a bobcat walking in her backyard Monday afternoon. 

"My main concern is what do I do if I am out here and I see the bobcat," Balderas.

A friend of hers who lives down the street in the Shady Lakes community in Palm Beach Gardens also saw a bobcat.

That friend, Jennifer Wilson was able to videotape the animal last month. The ladies believe nearby land that was cleared forced wildlife to find another place to live.

Balderas said, "Like it might  be caused by the construction that is going on right around the corner from our house."

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Bobcats and other wildlife have been spotted in other areas in western communities.

We went to the county for some answers. Deborah Drum works for Palm Beach County's Environmental Resources Management department. 

"There's a variety of reasons why wildlife can move through an area. Some of it is seasonal, sometimes they might migrate. It depends on the wildlife, the type of wildlife that you are talking about," said Drum.

"I don't think it's uncommon that you would expect to see more wildlife movement in areas that around areas that are being cleared."

Whether or not it's due to less land for the animals to live on, neighbors are still worried. Wildlife expert Amy Knight with the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary said, 

"So they can hire a trapper, they can pay for the trapper to come out and try to remove the animal from the property. Our goal here is Busch Wildlife is to try to educate  the public on how to co-exist with these animals," said Knight.