Nouman Raja 911 Corey Jones shooting call released by Palm Beach Gardens

Posted at 10:44 AM, Jul 06, 2016
and last updated 2019-03-07 09:47:50-05

The city of Palm Beach Gardens has released the 911 call made by Officer Nouman Raja the night he shot Corey Jones.

The city said it released the call in response to numerous requests from the media.

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Raja was charged with attempted first-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the October 2015 shooting death of Jones.

Before Raja placed the 911 call, Jones was on the phone with roadside assistance.

That audio hasn't been released, but according to transcripts released with the indictment last month Raja approached Jones asking if he was good, before telling him to put his hands up and drop.

Raja fired several shots and then called 911.

Raja's no longer a member of the Palm Beach Gardens police force and is currently on house arrest as he awaits trial.

911 CALL

Officer:  Drop that ******* gun right now.

Operator: 911

Officer:  Got one down, I just shot one person. I’m at that off ramp right behind Double Tree. Black male.

Operator: You’re behind the Double Tree?

Officer:  I’m on the off ramp. 95 southbound off ramp off the Double Tree. I’m, I’m not covered in anything right now.

Operator: All right

Officer Give me some units. I’ve got one down. I got one man down.

Operator:  You all right?

Officer: Yeah man I’m good, I’m good. Drop the gun

Operator: On the off ramp, right?

Officer: On the off ramp get me some units I’ve lost contact with him I don’t know where he is.

Operator: All right, you got it buddy. Where’s your radio? Where’s your radio?

Officer:  My radio’s in the van right now, I don’t have it with me. That’s why I’m on the phone.

Operator: All right, stay on the phone buddy. What’s the guy look like?

Officer: Black male wearing all black. Dreds. Had a silver handgun in his right hand. I came out, I saw him come out with a handgun, I gave him commands, identified myself and he turned, pointed the gun at me started running, I shot him. I’ve lost contact 65 to 28 on the SUV.

Operator: Go ahead

Officer: It’s going to be a Florida (gives tag number).

Operator: Don’t know yet. Spike put that out now. All right it’s an ’08 Hyundai… (says tag number).

Officer: Yes.

Operator:  It’s coming; it’s coming back on a 4 door Hyundai gray.

Officer:  Yeah, SUV.

Operator:  All right, yeah it’s out of Lake Worth. It’s not stolen or anything.

Officer: All right, man.

Operator: All right, stay on the phone. Where’s the van at?

Officer: All right, I’m with ya.

Operator: Where’s you van at in the Double Tree lot?

Officer: No, no right on the off ramp. You’ll see my van right there. I’m actually, walking back to my van. I’m back to my van at the car. He was hit at least 3 to 4 times.

Operator: You got your radio now?

Officer. No, no, no, no, no. Hold on. Not yet, not yet.

Operator: I got units coming.

Officer: All right man, thank you.

Operator: All right, stay on the phone. You all right buddy?

Officer: … all right

Operator: All right.

Officer: (unintelligible)…  I’m by the radio now

Operator: All right, hang up the phone bud.

Officer: All right

The city also released a separate 911 call the night of the shooting from a person at the Double Tree hotel.