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New towers taking shape on Palm Beach Gardens skyline

Posted at 7:15 PM, Sep 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-07 19:15:34-04

Growth is prospering in Palm Beach Gardens.

Two new towers are taking shape on the skyline. Construction started six months ago and it's the first office building development in the city in a decade.

The new project is also highlighting the need for more office space as the county works to attract new business to the area.

You’ve probably seen the giant pyramid sitting atop a building while driving on Interstate 95 in Palm Beach Gardens.

They're called the DiVosta Towers, named after the builder, Otto “Buz” DiVosta of DiVosta Investments.

Construction started just 6 months ago on PGA Boulevard and with the second tower already up, local leaders and key real estate market experts said it’s filling a need to bring more business to the north county area.

“There is a need for office space," said Dana Middleton, a member of the PGA Corridor Association Board.

She said the DiVosta towers are helping to address that need.

"For people who are looking to grow and expand their business," she said.

Totaling 220,000 square feet with 11 floors, the towers will bring more brick and mortar business opportunities to north Palm Beach County. The fair pricing and ideal location will be attractive to new business -- both in and out of state -- as well as businesses that are looking to expand, according to Rebel Cook, who runs Rebel Cook Real Estate

"This is the most significant project going on in the North County area at this time," she said. “It really shows the upscale atmosphere of pbg.”

But the new construction is also calling to attention another business trend that has been growing over the years and one that Middleton says she's seeing more and more of as technology changes.

“People don’t necessarily have the need to be a full time office space," she said. “People are able to work remotely, work from their homes, work from wherever they are.”

Just down the street from the towers on PGA Boulevard, Middleton runs a Intelligent Office, a national chain with local franchises that serve clients with “virtual office space”.

“They can rent office space full time, but also do it hourly by the day or part time as needed so they don’t have to spend a lot on a full time office lease," said Middleton.

She says more and more people are on the move — working remotely — any time and any where.

“Technology has really helped with that movement," said Middleton.

Cook said with these changing trends, she keeps that type of demand from potential business in mind when marketing the area.

“They don’t need 1,000 to 5,000 square feet anymore, they just need somewhere to meet someone and a phone," she said.

And the DiVosta Towers will be appealing to meet that modern, "Google" type business model, compared to other buildings across the area.

“A lot of buildings here were built in the 80s so they have an old floor plan," she said. “If I build an office building today and use a prototype from 5 years ago, that's just not going to work....What are you doing with the floor? Are you building a lot of separate offices? Are you building a large work area?”

She said new office space is important right now as companies are looking to grow in booming North County.

“Every office building developer has to be very very careful because of the way people do business now," she said.

No word yet on any specific businesses that will be filling up the tower space.

The first building will be ready to open in early 2019 and the second just a few months later.

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