New study says cesarean section could increase risk of obesity for the child

Posted at 7:08 PM, Sep 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 04:44:33-04

It's Justyn McConnell's prenatal visit. she's pregnant with her first child, learning everything she can about giving birth. She can't believe the latest Harvard research.

"It's definitely interesting. It's not something you would expect that there would be correlations from one to the other," McConnell said. 

The recent study examined the records of more than 22,000 kids. Of those born through a cesarean section,  researchers say 15 percent are at risk of becoming obese.

Dr. Dudley Brown Jr.,  an OBGYN with Good Samaritan Medical Center said, "The overall conclusion of the study was they did in fact find a link between a cesarean section and a risk for obesity.

But Brown, who examined the findings, said the researchers are not yet sure why.

"I didn't see where they examined whether babies with a higher birth rate were more likely to be delivered by cesarean section versus not, because babies with a higher birth rate may just based on that weight have a higher chance of obesity anyway," said Brown. 

Dr. Brown told NewsChannel 5 he believes more research on the topic is in works.

"It looked like a well-conducted study, and they looked at important variables, such as maternal weight gain, they actually did some sibling data," he said. 

Research future moms like McConnell are paying attention to.

"You want to have the healthiest baby possible and child growing up," said McConnell. 

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