Local postal workers hit the road to deliver holiday cards, packages

Posted at 7:09 PM, Dec 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-24 03:55:19-05

For postal worker Mac McDermott, the holidays are crunch time.

“This is our Super Bowl,” he says. “We're ready for this.”

A veteran of the postal service, Mac knows how busy this week is – and the numbers back that up

The postal service estimates it will process 16 billion items between now and Thanksgiving.

750 million of those items will be packages.

Every one of them special to the person waiting for what's inside.

We followed Mac from the processing center to the road, as he made some of those pre-holiday deliveries.

“You can't be stressed on something you know how to do,” he says. “We do this every day. You just focus and get it done.”

Mac says he’s fully aware of his responsibility.

“When you see that package in the morning, you know you got to get that package to that customer,” he says.

Customers on his route tell us year after year, they're never disappointed.

“I've had a few very good mailmen, but he kinda takes the cake,” Resident Eileen Tobin says. “He's a good guy.”

16 billion pieces of mail in less than 40 days - each one handled with care and received with a smile.

“They know that you're trying as hard as you can,” Mac says. “So you just get it to the house and it's another happy story.”