Local postal workers embrace busiest package delivery day of the year

Posted at 6:36 PM, Dec 22, 2016

Thursday at the Palm Beach Gardens Post Office, parcels and packages of all shapes and sizes were be brought to their final destination.

The United States Postal Service says Dec. 22 is their busiest delivery day.

“Today we're estimated to deliver over 30 million packages nationwide,” says USPS spokesperson Curlita Rogers-Saunders.

The Post Office says the South Florida district alone has seen a 15% boost in the number of packages this year with the popularity of online shipping.

It means workers are definitely burning the midnight oil.

“Long days, long hours, seven days a week to make to make sure our customers get their packages,” Rogers-Saunders says.

Employees tell us the hours don't bother them, as they know the stakes.

“This our Super Bowl,” postal worker Mac McDermott says. “It just comes naturally - you load up your truck, you're out, you deliver parcels, you deliver your mail. It works out sweet.

“I could see the smiles in customers faces as I walk up to their home or into the mall,” says worker Herman Shipp. “Instantly they start smiling."

On this, their busiest day of the year, It's was the kind of gratitude that is music to their ears.

A reminder from the post office - if you want your package to make it by Christmas, the last day to send Priority Mail Express is Dec. 23.