Former Officer Raja will testify in DUI case

Posted at 11:47 PM, Dec 01, 2015
and last updated 2019-03-07 10:14:15-05

Officer Nouman Raja will testify in a DUI case where he was the arresting officer while working for Atlantis Police.

That's according to the former Palm Beach Gardens Officer's Attorney Richard Lubin.

"He does intend to cooperate with the state attorney on any of his pending cases. He is not going to shirk that responsibly and duty. He will be a witness in those cases," Lubin said.

Raja was fired from the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department in November after shooting Corey Jones.

Raja was not wearing a police uniform and was in an unmarked car when the altercation occurred with the stranded motorist.

He was scheduled to testify in the DUI case on Tuesday, but his attorney says he was not aware of the court hearing.

He will testify on Tuesday November 8, in the case.

"I think it is a smart move, even with the pending investigation," NewsChannel 5 Legal Analyst Michelle Suskauer said.

Defense attorneys will likely ask Raja why he is no longer a police officer and could try and discredit him on the stand.

But Suskauer says the decision to allow him to testify is strategic.

"PR wise, it is a very smart move that he wants to cooperate. That he cares about the fact he was a police officer. That he made certain arrests. And that he is willing to come in even with a cloud hanging over his head and testify," Suskauer said.

Raja's attorney said the former officer is out of town, but did not leave because of the threats made against him.

He says he never received a subpoena, and that is the reason he didn't make it to court Tuesday.