Brand new 'Legend's Club' provides unique fan experience at The Honda Classic

Posted at 7:53 PM, Feb 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-24 19:53:02-05

There are several great places to watch all the action at this year's Honda Classic - from the iconic ‘Bear Trap’ to the Sky Boxes on 17. 

One brand new venue at this year's Classic is boasting a viewing experience for those with a finer taste. 

The Legend’s Club at the 18th hole is the lap of Honda Classic luxury.

“I came in for a sandwich and I got some lobster ravioli, some rack of lamb, some great vegetables, and I won't touch the dessert yet,” says Dan Klimas, who was visiting with his wife Valerie from Montreal.

They had a ticket to one of the most exclusive spots at this year's tournament. 

“This just adds value to the way I watch a game,” he says. “It’s very impressive.” 

Coming in at $750 per ticket, Tournament Director Andrew George says the Legends Club rose up out of demand. 

“We’re in Palm Beach County, this is a marketplace that expects the best of the best,” he says.

The brand new, air conditioned venue boasting a view of 18 unlike any other. 

"You can watch the players walk off behind the green as they go to scoring - a fishbowl effect, if you will,” he says.

The plush amenities in the club are second to none, and the food and drink spread was selected with luxury in mind. 

“Sheik, upscale, high class - what you would expect in an ultra fine dining restaurant,” says Brian Strom, a concierge at the club.

The plan is to expand it in the future and keep fans coming back. 

Valerie says she hopes to be spoiled again next year. “First, but definitely not the last,” she says.

Out of all the features, the seating, the AC, the amazing food, a few guests told NewsChannel 5 the number one feature of the Legends Club…is the private bathrooms.