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Palm Beach Co. Sheriff's deputies searching for person of interest in Jupiter Farms car break-ins

Posted at 4:42 PM, Oct 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-26 17:51:34-04

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's office said there have been 18 vehicle break-ins during the past two weeks in Jupiter Farms.

Among the items taken were wallets, garage openers, and guns. And now investigators are searching for a person of interest, who they believe is targeting trucks. 

"Everything pretty much ransacked. They got money wallets and one weapon," said Rob Robison, who lives in Jupiter Farms. 

Robison had two trucks broken into overnight this week. He said one was locked and the other was unlocked. 

"It’s basically a crime of opportunity... people leaving their cars open," he said. 

Nearby, Tara Prewitt took a walk down her road. She had two vehicles broken into and knows two other people who had the same thing happen.

She didn't have anything taken but said the other people she knows had guns stolen from their cars. 

"The glove box was open and all the papers were on the seat," she said. "They are targeting trucks I guess because there are guns in the trucks. I was told I was the eleventh report being done that day."

Both said it's not the type of thing you'd expect.  

"I didn’t think it was something we would have to worry about," said Prewitt. "We don't live in the city we don’t live in a crime-ridden area."

"You feel violated in a way that, here it is a great rural community, and this is what we have to look forward," said Robison. 

PBSO is taking this opportunity to remind everyone to lock their car doors. Many homeowners said they'll do just that and install security camera systems.