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'Pure Air Bubble': New treatment helping stressed-out moms relax in Palm Beach County

People get zipped up in ball full of purified air
Posted at 5:36 AM, Nov 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-25 15:02:14-05

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. — Does a walk in fresh mountain air sound appealing? Or, how about a sweat-free walk on the beach?

A spa in North Palm Beach has a new treatment, called the "pure air bubble," that is targeted at stressed-out moms.

"Moms will pretty much try anything," said Lisa King, a mom of two.

That's for sure.

"I'll do anything to de-stress," King said. "I mean, being a single mom, I'm always stressed out."

That includes going into what looks like a giant, clear beach ball.

"The beach ball, what we call the pure air bubble," said Ellen Bauer, the founder of the Wellness Jar Medical Spa.

King exercises and takes beach walks, but said this treatment is unusual.

"It's like I'm taking deeper breaths," King said. "It's definitely a different feeling."

Dr. Claudia Mason, a gynecologist with the Cleveland Clinic, said "mom stress" is a real problem.

"I have women come in every day saying it's been so stressful. It's been so stressful," said Mason.

The best way to describe the treatment is that you literally get zipped into a ball full of purified air and sit in zero gravity to open your lungs and feel re-energized.

"Meaning 99.9999% purified air. It's not oxygen," said Bauer. "It's the same construct you breathe out here. It's just taking all of the toxins out -- allergens, dust, mold, etc."

They're trying to reach moms of all means.

"When you are feeling stressed, there is that you're almost pent up," said Bauer. "So, having the deep breathing and relaxation is taking you back to a state of normal."

There is only one other bubble like this in the country, and it's in Los Angeles. If you are interested in doing a 30-minute session, it costs $25.