The impact of election season fatigue on the economy, Black Friday shopping

Posted at 8:17 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 20:17:38-04

When you look at social media - or the email we get at News Channel 5 - it’s clear people are tiring of this election campaign.
“I’m very over this,” says voter Ashley Huichalef, who came to cast her ballot early at the Jupiter Community Center. “We're getting there though, we have only a week left.”

Fellow voter Steven Goldberg agrees.

“Ton of mudslinging, like children. Small children.”
As we gear up for the sprint to the finish, voters in Jupiter admit election fatigue has long since set in. 
“It does every year, but I think this year it's been even worse,” says voter Tamy Allen. “It's just been kind of a brutal election season.” 
The effects of that fatigue combined with the uncertainty of who our next commander and chief will be may be harming our economy. 
A National Retail Federation survey says 43% of consumers say that uncertainty is driving them to be more cautious with their spending. 
“I don't know who's going to be there, and what's going to be the tax structure, and where we go with health costs and health insurance - which are out of control,” Goldberg says.  
Some fear that could cut into the holiday shopping season. 
One voter says she's already noticed the slowdown. 
“I work over in Palm Beach, and I've seen quite a difference over there in the way people are spending and not spending,” Allen says.
The good news: It could mean deeper discounts at stores this Black Friday as retailers try to lure weary shoppers in. 
The even better news: The election is almost done - we think. 
“Hopefully Tuesday it'll be over, but you never know!” Allen says.
The National Retail Federation also says 60 percent of people plan on buying something for themselves this holiday season. 

Experts say it's retail therapy for folks who made it through a long presidential race.