Jupiter mobile home park is closed

Posted at 5:34 PM, May 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-02 18:39:01-04

The deadline to move out has passed for the people living in one waterfront community in Jupiter.

Saturday was eviction day for those living at Suni Sands Mobile Home Park and so far more than three-quarters of residents have left to make way for a new developer.
The dock is empty that was once filled with boats. A fence has been put up leading to it with a no trespassing sign. Jupiter police are planning to step up patrols. But about two dozen residents are still fighting the sale of the property to the developer.
“We're closing, it's just done,” said Steve Burns, the property manager. “And Suni Sands will always be special to me.”
Burns and staff are shutting down the park. They’re making sure squatters don’t move into empty trailers.
“We are patrolling each site, each unit we're securing them, screwing the doors shut, making sure there's no compromises in the windows,” explained Burns.
The developer says there’s no date set for demolition. The plan is to build a hotel vacation complex on the 10 acres of waterfront.
“I feel bad,” said Rob Hofman, a tour guide and instructor at nearby Jupiter Outdoor Center. “I’m against people getting kicked out.”
Hoffman hopes the vacation center planned for this site will be good for their paddle boarding and kayak business. 
“The more you have quality high end vacation establishments the better,” said Hofman.
Though a judge’s order is still pending in this case, and many residents still won’t leave, the property manager says he has to plan for the future of this site. A task that he says hasn’t been easy.
“You’ve worked here for 16 years,” Burns was asked. “You’ve really been a part of this community. What’s it like for you to be on the other side and have to close this park?”  He replied, “As you can imagine, I have the emotions of the situation,” he said. “Some are angry at me now but I love this community.”

Meanwhile, the people still living at the mobile home park can continue to do so until their cases are settled in court. An attorney representing some of them says a court date will likely be set this month.