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Staggering number of women are wearing the wrong-size clothing

Posted at 4:01 AM, Jan 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-16 07:50:46-05

JUPITER, Fla. — A staggering number of women are wearing the wrong-sized clothing. In fact, research points to up to 80 percent. But why?

Jordan Brown wasn't always willing to take multiple sizes into the dressing room with her.

"It looks so much better because you can actually see my body," said Brown.

She was wearing a size 10, when she's actually more like a 6. She was hiding what she called her imperfections.

"That’s two sizes bigger than I am. I don’t know necessarily why. You just cover your body. Sometimes it feels a little more comfortable," said Brown. "When in reality, if you wear clothes that fit, you look so much better."

She's not alone. The ladies at Lola Dré, a women's clothing store in Jupiter, said they see it all the time.

"Shockingly 80 percent of women are not wearing the right size. It goes both ways, too small or too big," said Andre Arceneaux at Lola Dré. "A lot of time women don’t see themselves how the outside world sees them, and they camouflage themselves behind clothing."


Here's advice from the pros on how to find the right fit:

Wrinkles point to a problem. Make sure you sit first in jeans to see if they feel good. Also, for jackets, always move your arms.

"Move their arms across and see how it feels," said Arceneaux.

If you find yourself in between sizes, size up. You can always alter them later. Finally don't be afraid of fashion tape for a quick fix.

Ask for help. You may walk out the door with a confidence boost.

"I sit up straighter. I feel more comfortable at work, when I go out, because I know I look good now. Before, I wasn’t sure," said Brown.