Mobile home park residents evicted in Jupiter

Posted at 7:24 AM, May 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-02 18:38:18-04

People who live in one waterfront community in Jupiter are being forced out. Those who call Suni Sands Mobile Home Park their residence are being evicted to make room for a new developer.

Some of the homes are already boarded up and people are packing up. Bent posts remains where there was once a Suni Sands sign.

“It's where I figured I would spend my remaining days,” said Marcia Arsenault, who moved to the park 14 years ago.

She and her husband, Roger, plan to stay at the mobile home park. However, they're supposed to move out this weekend to make way for a new hotel vacation complex.

“[It’s like] being in paradise,” said Roger. “This place is like one big family. We're going to try to fight to save it,” said Arsenault.

They’re one of more than 20 families with lawsuits fighting the sale of the property to the developer.

“We have rights so they have to give us our rights,” said Tom Ryan, president of the Suni Sands Homeowner’s Association.

Tom says he and his English Springer Spaniel, Jakes, are staying put too.

“He's out here for a about seven hours a day fishing,” said Tom, as he pointed to his dog wading in the Jupiter Inlet.

After all, he says, Jakes is the unofficial "park dog.”

“He gives a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people,” explained Tom. “He loves people. He'll go up to anyone and just steal a kiss from them.”

Some people at the park are waiting for the next court hearing to find out what will happen next. No date has been set.